Friday, November 19, 2010

Lacey has our vote!

Lacey Mae Schwimmer isn't just a beyond amazing dancer; she is a down-to-earth gal making her mark in this big world. We couldn't wait to share our chat with her & remind everyone to vote for Lacey & Kyle this Monday on Dancing with the Stars. Read our sit down interview with Lacey and get to know this uber-sweet girl. We promise you, you will just adore her! 

1.) How did you begin dancing?

I was born into a family of dancers. My Mom and Dad were my coaches and I got to look up to my brother Benji and cousin Heidi as dancers growing up. I never wanted to dance but my parents bribed me until I learned how much I enoyed dancing!

2.) When you aren't in DWTS mode - what can we catch you doing? 

Well I love to play with my puppies and go to the movies but I'm working on my clothing/dance line with Discount Dance Supply and music projects. 

3.) What do you always carry in your purse? 

Victorias Secret lip balm, Chanel perfume, Hello Kitty hair brush, and my Ray Bans! 

4.) You look amazing. Of course, you can thank dancing but what other tips can you give us? 

I eat terribly! But when I want to get a quick shape down I stay away from carbs soda sugar. Smaller portions are also a good way to slim down (about the size of your fist)

5.) What is up next for you? 

Holidays are my first priority to spend time with family but then I'm hoping back on the train of designing my new line with Discount Dance Supply, working on new music, and some acting jobs. 

6.) What has been your favorite season of DWTS? 

I would have to say this one is my favorite Kyle is such a doll. He has been so awesome to work with and I enjoy going into work with him. I'm so proud!

So, what are a few things we don't know about Lacey? Check them out. 

1. I have freckles.
2. Double jointed toes and hips.
3. I have 3 dogs (Harlequin, Madeleine, Bijou)
4. Whipped cream is my favorite dessert.
5. I pop my knuckles.
6. FRIENDS is still my favorite tv show.
7. Vintage stores are my addiction.
8. I can't spell.
9. I have 12 of now.
10. My brother benji is my best friend.
11. I love to toilet paper friends houses.
12. I still color in coloring books.
13. I could eat italian food everyday for the rest of my life.
14. I burnt my eyebrow off when I was 14.
15. My idol is Cyd Charisse.

Besides voting for Lacey & Kyle - make sure you follow her on Twitter on check our her website
They have our vote! 

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