Monday, August 23, 2010

Birds of a Feather…

By Jenny Ford, Contributing Writer <--- (ps, check out her new pic!) 

My husband admits (and so do I), I will stay a teenager, at heart, FOREVER.  I love hand-woven friendship bracelets (you know the kind that you safety pinned to your pants throughout your high school years), simple braids tousled, yet strategically placed, throughout your hair in an up do, BFF necklaces & cutoff shorts… That is why I initially fell in love with the fabulous Juicy Couture.  Best known for their velour tracksuits and whimsical clothing and accessories, Juicy Couture has released into the wilderness (aka. a local mall near you) their latest collection: Bird…Juicy Couture, all grown up!

I was just drooling all over my keyboard at Juicy’s online Look Book of this amazing collection of fancies.  The way I describe it – Rocker Chick meets English Country Side – I’m head over heels in LOVE!  I had to sit at my computer for at least 45 minutes trying to pick out my favorite Bird look and I think I’ve settled on Look 5 – the Slouchy Poncho & Magic Stretch Leather Leggings – so uber-chic I can’t stand it.  Or wait, is it Look 8 that I *heart* best – Wool Herringbone Sexton Jacket & High Waisted Shorts?  No, no, it must be Look 7 – the Military Coat & Magic Stretch Leather Leggings.  Oh SNAP, I give up – I love them all!  And as I virtually thumb through this online Look Book, I daydream about the fancy country side places I will wear them all to!! 

I love that this line consists of deep hues of gray, black and silver – all very slimming I might add.  You can tell by the thoughtful details of exposed zippers, yummy cashmere, and subtle patterns that no feather was left unturned in this collection.  I’m going bananas wishing I could run my hands across every piece.

This line is so beautiful it makes me want to grow up…a little…but I will still have a friendship bracelet pinned to my leather leggings.  Don’t judge.

Get your Bird on at or click here for a list of stores near you. 

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