Friday, August 20, 2010

rice & beans -- vintage love!

Sarah, owner of Rice & Beans Vintage has always had a love for vintage clothes & fashion so starting a spot for just that made perfect sense. Rice & Beans Vintage is one of the best online shops for affordable luxury. From Authentic Designer Vintage (Hermes to Chanel) to Modern Clothing at affordable prices - Rice & Beans Vintage has it all! But before you get shopping get to know more about the Rice & Beans! 

Q: What inspired Rice & Beans Vintage - is there a story behind the name? 

The name Rice and Beans Vintage comes from a my nickname Ms. Rice and Beans.   Rice and Beans are a staple but can also be spicy and delicious just like fashion.  

Q: What is your favorite vintage era? Why did you decide on vintage clothes? 

 I love the 20's, 40's, and 70's especially, but I am just a lover of all things fashion so it it is really hard to chose!  I have been collecting vintage and wearing vintage clothing since I was in 5th grade so it was not a difficult decision to start Rice and Beans Vintage! 

Q: How would you describe your own personal style? 

My personal style changes fairly often because I like to play around and have fun with fashion.  My wardrobe consists of inexpensive basics, vintage pieces, and high end classic designer clothing.  My shoes are the most wild component to my outfit, they are always about having fun.  

Q: Do you have an all time favorite piece that was featured in your shop?

Wow....that is a really hard question.  One of my favorites was one of the first pieces I ever sold.  It was a Vintage 70's DIOR Numbered Wool coat w/Black Mink fur collar.  It was such a find and so special.    

Q: How do you make the decisions on what to buy? 

I buy what I love.  Every single piece that is at Rice and Beans Vintage I am honestly in love with.  Otherwise it wouldn't be there.  I also pay close attention to current styles and trends.   

Q: What is up next for Rice & Beans -- could we ever see a boutique store in the future? 

Rice and Beans Vintage boutique store is always a possibility for the future but not the near future.  For the time being we are just going to continue to offer the best vintage, vintage designer, and modern designer fashions we can find to our fantastic clients! 

We just can't get enough of the vintage Chanel handbags and Christian Louboutin shoes -- well really, we just can't get enough of it all! 

While you shop make sure you also follow Rice & Beans Vintage on Twitter for all updates! 

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  1. Great interview Casi! I am obsessed with Sarah's website now! Every piece for sale is a fashion lovers dream come true! My favorite, TDF item on there is I DIE! Love, love, love it all!


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