Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramona Singer Talks Skin, Passion & All About the Jewels!

Taking it easy isn't her thing, she has passion, loves a good workout and her one fear is wrinkly old skin (which we are sure she won't have to worry about) --  as for having it all...well, "stay positive" and you got it.

Just a few weeks ago Ramona Singer was able to fit in a chat with us before heading to the gym. The bright-eyed, energetic housewife from Bravo's The Real Housewives of New York City quickly taught us that Ramona is more than just a reality tv star - she is an inspiring, multi-tasking, business women with incredible passion and enthusiasm. Even on the phone we suggested she would make a great motivational speaker because that woman could rule the world with her words of wisdom!

Ramona truly has a passion for everything she does - especially with her latest collection for HSN, Ramona Singer Jewelry, as she describes it as the perfect "red carpet look but not red carpet prices." Her favorite piece? "I love every piece." Ramona suggests working them in with old pieces, mixing colors or go tonal - whatever you choose they are all fabulous - like the designer herself. As for her favorite piece in her personal collection her signature piece is her cuff bracelet. And from black tie to bathing suit the one piece of jewelry she can't be without is her classic Diamond Hoops. They are by far the perfect accessory. 

Before getting into all the details about her fabulous jewelry line we had to know how she stays so fit and looks so amazing for her age."You can look good without having surgery. Its all about a way of life - your diet is a way of life." Ramona's diet? "Stopped eating starches at night, no red meat - fresh fruit, berries, whole wheat, always 7 grains." You can take a look on Ramona's blog as she give us a peak at the exercises she does. It is hard to believe this super woman only works out for an hour three times a week!  As for her skin - she thanks her skin line TrueRenewal "Even my make-up artist for The Real Housewives of New York noticed a great change in my skin and that my pores were smaller this season."

Well besides being a perfect business woman Ramona has another job - a wife and a mom. We asked Ramona, "If there is one thing you want your daughter to learn from you - what would it be?" And her answer was "Make sure you make your own money and be financially independent." As for balancing it all? "Make sure you have private alone time with your man! Have your best friend watch your kids and you watch her kids because men do need to be reined in." As for family time? "Its quality not quantity". And for all those mompreneurs out there "Love what you do, stay positive and stay focused." 

TO DIE! The perfect classic accessory for a modern-day fashionista! 

And now back to the jewels! You all must watch Ramona present the latest additions to her HSN Jewelry Collection this week on August 11th from 12pm - 2pm EST and look out for our favorites! We just die over the Smoky Quartz & Diamond Cut Cushion Ring and of course, the must-have Diamond Hoops! Shop now to get the special event prices! 

Until then, what can you expect to see? Ramona designed a timeless affordable collection - you really would think it cost thousands! Classic, sophisticated and glamour are 3 words that immediately come to mind. Drawing inspiration from her own pieces she has brought only the best to her HSN collection. Inspired by her love for art deco and estate - her new line of pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, priced between $125 and $659.  “I don’t want a trendy piece of jewelry to hand down to my daughter, Avery, because it will be out of style and she won’t want to wear it,” Singer notes. “Estate jewelry will always be in style, and women will always wear it.” The collection is full of new cuts and vibrant gemstones that take you from day to night in style wherever you go.

Favorite TV show? The Real Housewives of New York
Favorite colors? Orange for Summer, Brown for Fall
Fear? Skin, that it will get old + wrinkled
Pet Peeve? I hate marks on walls. I have to touch them up if I see a mark.
Drink? Cosmo
Favorite day? Friday
Favorite piece of clothing? Can I say shoes?......High-Heels!
Yoga or Pilates? Neither it is all about mixing it up
Designer? Rebecca Taylor
Coffee or soda? Green Tea
Doesn't leave the house without.......Hint of Mint lip gloss!

And we are happy to say YES  -- there will be Season 4 for those New York housewives! As for who's coming back Ramona says "That's the million dollar question." and also reveals "What u see is what u get!" So, we all will have to watch and see what happens.....

In the mean time stay up-to-date with all things Ramona by checking out her blogwebsite + following her on Twitter and loving her on Facebook. Don't forget to head over to HSN now and shop away! 

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