Tuesday, August 3, 2010

get excited! why? RACHEL ZOE is BACK!

Written By Shasta

Rachel Zoe is back on Bravo with her hit show "The Rachel Zoe Project" today, August 3rd. I am absolutely so excited about this. I have blogged about my love for Rachel Zoe many times, she is an absolute style icon for me. Zoe's chic style, that seems to come from another time period, is always relevant. RZ's love of the late Halston (amazing American deisgner, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halston) shows in her own wardrobe and how she dresses her clients.

Her book, "Style A to Zoe", came out in October of 2007. Please tell me that you all have read it, if not, here is an excerpt and more reason we LOVE her.

"Why glamour?
Why not? Sure, as with fashion and beauty or any other aesthetics, the pursuit of glamour is not going to save the world. But life’s too short not to pay attention, get up an hour earlier and stay up an hour later, or even to be wide open to all of its amazing possibilities.
Life’s too short not to take risks. To glam it up! A life of glamour and style makes everything that much more electrifying, that much more engaging.
Think about how we just can’t get enough of the brightest icons of Hollywood, past and present. How much we consume stories and snapshots of the charismatic characters living it up in the fashion glossies or in long- ago- published biographies. Or how much, as children, we adored the petite lady living next door who appeared larger than life, a kind of Diana Vreeland figure, draped in incredible caftans and laughing that gregarious laugh. Glamour can come in the form of a suggestion, a hint — like a pair of oversized sunglasses — or it can appear in all its unapologetic glory, blinding bright from the pile of gold bangles on a bronzed wrist or at an informally chic dinner you throw for your friends at a favorite restaurant. It isn’t about fashion.
It’s style. In my book, glamour is pure lifestyle.
My kind of glamour combines California ease with New York high life. It favors modern, even if it’s vintage. It’s browned to a deep Bain de Soleil tan and best served up with a crisp glass of champagne. It calls for a measure of je ne sais quoi. Yet style doesn’t require gobs of resources, fiscal or otherwise. As a stylist who dresses some of Hollywood’s most recognizable and engaging actresses, collaborates with fashion designers for their runway shows and advertising campaigns, and works with brilliant photographers on magazine editorials, it’s my job to know. As a lifelong lover of everything glamorous, it’s my thrill to share it with you.
Dreaming is real
Even all grown up and a part of the global fashion machine, I still love opening a pristine magazine or book and getting lost in the stories and photographs of all the amazing parties and people featured. I study the images. I dream. I tear out pages out for later reference. I admit it’s a bit aspirational and inspirational. But it’s a personal indulgence that has obviously had its professional merits, too, in my decade and a half as a stylist."

......if that isn't LOVE, I don't know what is.......
The fashion stylist to the stars has not been without controversy, her uber thin body will always have people talking. The thing is, no matter what her size is, this amazing woman has incredible style and can pull very chic looks together on any budget. Have you read "The Zoe Report" on www.rachelzoe.com? LOVE IT and read it daily. Her website is very personal and interactive with her readers. It is quite clear that this fashionista loves to help others find their own individual look, while feeling good about themselves.
Just like Rachel, we too can "Be Glamorous Everyday", as she says. Taking just a few extra moments to get ready for the day can make all the difference in our attitude. When we look good, we feel good. Rachel Zoe sends the message to her viewers and readers that you can find that glam that we are all looking for at any price point. Zoe's line for QVC has been an absolute hit! My top picks from her line? I can't be without the Door Knocker earrings, V-neck faux fur vest, Bracelet watch and shoulder bag -- Make sure you check out QVC.com - I absolutely LOVE!

Make sure you tune into Bravo tonight as we all go ga-ga over Season 3!


  1. I am so excited about the new season starting!!

  2. Great column Shasta! So glad to have you back!!

  3. Shasta's post are the best. My first time to the site. I will defineitly be coming back to read her posts!!

  4. What a great ladies !! and i watch the RZP last night and i just love her to death !!

  5. Love Shasta's posts! I die for RZ. So you know I was hooked last night to the TV.

  6. love love love Rachel Zoe. I couldn't agree more with her lifestyle choices and always find myself wondering why some people are resistant to beautiful things.


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